What are we building?

CollectiWise is a platform for Collective Intelligence (Wisdom), which is to say a platform for collective decision making. Each individual member of the collective (such as a firm) is given incentives to state her truthful opinion on possible outcomes for a set of collective decisions. Betting has been shown to be a perfect means by which to elicit honest opinions, as bets force the individual to put her money where her mouth is, avoiding strategic misrepresentations of her beliefs. We believe in a future that is much different to the General A.I. narrative that will replace Humans.

As there is a vast literature that shows prediction markets to consistently estimate probabilities that are more accurate than those elicited from top experts of some domain. The diverse crowd consistently beats the brilliant experts. This astonishing fact has been put to use to great affect inside of some large tech firms, including Yahoo, Google and Microsoft, yet most companies lack the expertise to build their own prediction markets for better collective decisions and thus these known advantages of prediction markets remain untapped for collective decision making, for most firms and organizations.

CollectiWise is built to bridge this gap. Further, we seek to continuously push the envelope to learn about the subtle mechanisms of collective intelligence so as to improve collective intelligence on an ongoing basis. Our product will never be completed and is built to improve itself through embedded experiments and various AI technologies. Also, our product is not strictly speaking a prediction market, but rather a prediction network. This allows the individual members to directly interact and repeatedly communicate via visible bets, which adds social incentives and learning.

Contact austin@collectiwise.com for more information