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Collective Intelligence.

CollectiWise is a collective product management system. This system enables teams to assess and estimate all time and resource needs for their projects. Estimation is known to be a hard problem because each project and each team are unique. CollectiWise incentivizes team members to think hard about all aspects of their teams and projects and to communicate honestly and carefully with each other.

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Assessment and estimation are hard problems, yet they are crucial for software teams. Clients want to know how long it will take to complete a project and how much resources are required. Some companies have given up on estimation all together and a movement, known as the no estimates movement (#NoEstimates), has sprung up. We present an alternative to giving up on estimation: a system of cloud AI services that help teams to build rigorous collective models of their work together; empowered by their own intelligence, enhanced with machine intelligence.

Utilize the power

of the collective

We're combining artificial and human intelligence for better understanding of complex systems

We empower humans to rigorously map out their own beliefs about the systems they exist in

Diverse teams can be empowered to produce better estimates and assessments of complex systems than top experts

For a sustainable future in an exceedingly complex world we need to combine human and machine intelligence to produce an intelligence that is both contextual and quantitative

CollectiWise is both a behavioral/cognitive science company and a data company. Our data about cognitive processes in teams is unique and we are planning to carefully study the drivers of high intelligence in collectives and individuals and in human-machine interactions


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