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We are CollectiWise

Johannes Castner, C.E.O.

Johannes is an innovator and data scientist who is currently finishing a doctoral dissertation "Cognitive Diversity in Complex Environments", in Sustainable Development at Columbia University. He gained experience working as a scientist at eBay in classification, learning machines and structured data.

Austin Agbo, C.T.O.

Austin is a software architect and engineer, passionate about productivity and critical thinking. Austin previously founded FanCradle, a technology consultancy helping artists grow their business.

Lorena Konjević, Director of UX

Lorena is a creative person who loves to discuss, ponder and explore new ideas, a full-time problem solver and visionary who believes in new technology trends and their application in the business environment. Lorena gained experience at IBM, as an ecosystem program manager and UX researcher.

Naireen Imtiaz, Dir. of Science

Naireen is an AI and data-based solutions architect. Naireen is passionate about data science, AI and especially AGI and she is aiming for her talent and interests to serve society.

Barbara Krećak, C.O.O.

Barbara holds an MBA from COTRUGLI Business School in Zagreb and a master degree in sociology from University Magistra. She is an enthusiastic and inspiring entrepreneur who sold her first business at age 21. She also started and operates her own Business Development Consultantancy--Flexi consulting--in London.

Board of Advisors

Haya Odeh

Haya is co-Founder at Repl.it with Amjad Massad. She is an expert in design and user interfaces. Prior to designing the interface for Repl.it, she gained wide-ranging experience in graphic design, both as freelancer, in foundations and in businesses.

Amjad Masad

After extensive experience as software engineer at Facebook, CodeAcademy and Yahoo!, Amajd started his own company Repl.it, the first company to provide users with an instant on-line integrated development environment (IDE) to learn, build, and collaborate on code.

Kelvin Shi

Kelvin has extensive experience with advanced software engineering projects, currently at LinkedIn and in the past at BNY Mellon, eBrevia and IBM. Kelvin helped build the original software for CollectiWise and thus has an in-depth understanding of our technology.

Neville Newey

Neville Newey, entrepreneur, data scientist and software developer in the San Francisco Bay area, has extensive experience in starting machine learning and AI startups, including with Syntexys (natural language processing for automated reading of law), and Milo.com (bought by eBay). He has extensive industry experience, as Head of Engineering at A^3 by Airbus Group, VP Engineering at 1-Page, Director of Data Science at eBay.

Nick Larson

Nick Larson is passionate about entrepreneurship and technology that improves lives. OnePiece Work is an incubator, accelerator and co-working space for budding businesses, helping them connect to investors, advisors, engineers, buyers and media contacts. Nick is also an entrepreneur, having co-founded Contento, a smart digital marketing software for small businesses, and acted as CEO of Evlo (Everything Local, a platform for buying local and unique home furnishings).

Mark diTargiani

Mark has decades of experience as Entrepreneurial Sales Leader, Speaker, Transformative Coach, and Sales Alignment Expert. He is experienced teaching sales process and human skills in a business context and developing and coaching high performers and leaders to create sales culture change that drives revenue growth and sustainable success.

Miluna Fausch, Ph.D.

Dr. Miluna Fausch, Founder of Pitch Perfect Presentations, has decades of experience coaching executives, leaders, funded startups and professionals in the art and science of effective, dynamic public speaking, presentations and pitches.

Lukas Genever

Lukas is at the forefront of AI and hiring. At WorksHub and before that at AI Works, Lukas has been part of defining the future of recruitment by bringing together artificial and human intelligence to build communities of talent and help great talent to find the world�s most innovative companies and find their ideal role.

Andrew (Correa) Sabisch, Ph.D

Andrew holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has published extensively in the fields of robotics and AI. He is currently a Research Scientist at eBay. He is at the forefront of innovation in computer science, with involvement in several open-access projects: libsr (sketch recognition library), GOPF (GNU Online Player Framework), CoMo: the Code Monkey (prototype system for sketching coding ideas and transforming them into code).